Today is count your blessings Sunday! I have so many things to be thankful for!


These 2 guys are my reason for waking up every day. They have grown into amazing men and I am so proud of the both of them.
Dylan is 18 and just graduated from high school. He loves basketball and hanging out with his girlfriend. Dustin is 21 and he is all about fishing. If there is a fish to be caught he is all in.


This is my husband of 23 years! He is a miner that works very long hours every day to provide the best for our family.


This is my best friend, my partner in crime, my travel around the United States partner. We have been friends for 13 years and have so much fun together!



This is my baby girl. She is an almost 2 year old pure bred pitbull. She is the sweetest dog ever and I love her so much!!


This is my family! I’ve lost my mother and father and oldest brother but my sister and 2 brothers and I are still close and I love them so much!!




This is where I live. Born and raised in Upper Michigan. I am proud to be called a “yooper”.  This place I call home is by far the most beautiful place in the world. Despite the hundreds of inches of snow that we get per year, it is still so beautiful!


And last but not least, this is my J.O.B.  I have been with It Works Global for 1 year now. Starting my own business was scary and it is a lot of work but so rewarding. I love helping people to get healthier, look younger and gain financial freedom.  It was definitely one of the best decisions that I have ever made. We are a family and all about Friendships, Fun and Freedom!!

So these are the things that mean the most to me! Thanks for listening as I shared my blessings with you.

I hope you all take time today to count your blessings!!

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