HI!! My name is Mackenzie. My people call me Kenzie for short. When I’m in trouble my mom calls me Mackenzie Mae!

I am a 55 pound pure bred pitbull. I was born on September 27, 2012 in Escanaba, Michigan.

                Here is a pic of my mom!


       And this is my dad with my brother!


Now I know you might be thinking “a pitbull? Those dogs are mean”.  Well this is what I say to that!!


              Sorry, that wasn’t nice!

If you would just give me a chance and get to know me, you would see that I’m not any different than other dogs.  My people didn’t raise me to fight. They taught me to love all animals and be polite to all people. Well, I’m still working on being polite. My mom says that jumping on people isn’t being polite but I just can’t help it. When you walk in the door I’m so excited to see you and you’re so darn cute, I just can’t help myself. I’m working on it, I promise!

My favorite things are going for walks,




               hanging out with my mom
                    (I’m a momma’s girl)


and of course sleeping. I’m really good at


I’m not perfect. I do have a few bad habits. I jump on people I love (I already told you that), I sometimes pee a little when my people walk in the door (I get so excited when they come home), I steal shoes every chance I get (if my people can’t find their shoes they can’t leave me), when you leave my house I lunge for your feet or hands (I’m just trying to tell you not to leave) and there is not a toy made that I can’t destroy. Well except for that unbreakable ball my mom bought me but I’m working on eating that one too!

See, I’m not mean, vicious, a fighter, untrustworthy or all the things that people say about me. The truth about me is, I love very deeply, I’m very loyal, I’m playful and very smart! Did I tell you that I can sit, lay down, shake (with both paws), leave a treat on the floor until I’m told I can have it, kiss my mom before my every meal, give high five and so many other things?

So there you go!  There is a little about me and all of my breed. I hope you understand us a little better now that we’ve talked. And if you still need some convincing, come over to my house to play and I’ll lick your face until you say uncle!!

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