Never a Dull Moment

This is crazy!!!


So, last night about 10:30 I decided I was hungry.  I made the decision to run to McDonald’s before they closed. I know it’s not a healthy choice but I was hungry and lazy!

Off I go, just Kenzie and I.  The drive there was uneventful and all I was thinking of was how hungry I was (and how Kenzie was probably getting hair in my freshly cleaned car, but that’s irrelevent).  I had no idea how exciting things would become. 

So I leave McDonald’s with my cheeseburger and fries. I’m driving down the highway on my way home and I get about a 1/2 mile up the road and that’s when it happened.

             I ALMOST HIT A STEER!!


Now, I live in a city (a small one but still a city). There are no farms or ranches in this area!  So, you can imagine my surprise when I had to hit the brakes to avoid this large animal.

Well now I had my next dilemma. I had to alert someone of this crisis. So I called 911.  I said “um, this might sound crazy but I almost hit a cow”.  The dispatcher says “where are you?” I told her I was by the National Ski Hall of Fame. Her response “where?” She was quite surprised and I know she was thinking “this lady must have been drinking”.  She told me she would send and officer right there. Luckily there was one already in the area!!




For 3 hours over 100 people gathered around to watch state and city officers try to capture this large animal while trying to keep the citizens safe.  Roads were blocked off and cars were everywhere making it difficult to navigate your way around.


Finally around 2 am they were able to get a rope around him and keep him contained until the local vet got there with a trailer to transport him. The fire department was called in to assist in getting this very large animal into the trailer.



No one was injured and the steer was also unharmed.  I guess the moral of this story is ALWAYS EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!

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