The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon…..God’s Greatness

We recently visited the Grand Canyon on our family vacation. If you have never been to the canyon you must put it on your list of things to do. The view is absolutely unbelievable. I do not think that anyone that has breath in them could not believe in God after viewing this amazing site. The view literally takes your breath away and leaves you speechless!




We traveled to the Grand Canyon from Williams, Arizona via the Grand Canyon Railway.



Upon arriving at the train depot we went to the western shootout area where the entertainers gave us a taste of a real western shootout.


The train was a great experience for us. The ride is approximately 2 hours through hills and flat lands where you keep your eyes open for various wildlife. On our way there I saw a snake but the rest of the wildlife was out of sight.

The on train entertainment was nice and gave the ride a definite western feel. Visiting the café car was a little pricey but was neat as well.

On our visit there the weather didn’t quite cooperate with us. We enjoyed about an hour of nice viewing weather and then the downpour came and we had to spend the rest of our time inside. But even with only a short hour to view the canyon, it left us in awe.

Our return ride back to the depot was just as enjoyable. The entertainment was once again good and even involved a robbery. The entertainers put on a good show and it was a lot of fun. On our ride this time we were able to see a few elk as they ran from the train.

When we departed the train it was a stop to the gift shop before heading back to the hotel. The gift shop had a great variety of souvenirs, snacks and even syrup, jellies and the like.

We were so glad that we were able to experience the Grand Canyon and the railway. It was a great time and we would definitely recommend making it a part of your grand adventure 👍😃🔝


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