Small Town Living 


I’m from a little town in the Upper  Peninsula of Michigan with a population of about 8,000 people. I’ve been here most of my life, even living on the same street that I was born on. Growing up it was a great place to live. Daily happenings consisted of running through the neighborhood to find whoever was allowed to come out to play. During the days we could be found playing an intense game of Kick the Can or wiffle ball. I was the only girl in the neighborhood so I was just “one of the guys” and did what they did. Not far from my house was the playgrounds. This was the place that was the main attraction for us kids. There was a park, lots of trees to climb and I can’t forget “the Shack.” The shack had everything we needed available for rent (sign your name and bring it back when you are done) to make it a perfect day! There were softballs, gloves and bats for a fun game of baseball; shuffleboard and ping pong equipment for a friendly competition. I even won a first place ribbon in the ping pong tournament!! Some of my best childhood memories are from that playgrounds!!


This town is where I got married and had my kids and where most of my family lives. Everything I needed and had ever known was here. Everyone knew everyone and even the thought of hiding anything from your parents made you think twice. If we did something we shouldn’t have “somehow” it always got back to your parents! 

Fall colors are beyond amazing!!

Out Main Street
We get a lot of snow here!!
A local attraction of everything “Yooper” (that’s what they call us)

Lots of trees around here!
Old Ish that has stood proudly in town for as long as I can remember. A fun little fact, my grandpa’s hand was the mold for this at one time
Black River Falls in the township of our town

Times have changed quite a bit from those days long ago. The population is still about the same but now when you walk down the street chances are you won’t know the person walking by you. The police are busting drug houses, cars are being stolen and doors need to be locked when you are not home. This makes me sad! To think that the times have changed so much is scary in a way. The days of innocence are a thing of the past. But the memories of all that has taken place in this small town will be mine forever and that is something that not even time can take from me. No matter where I am or what changes life brings my way, this will always be home!!

When you’re little the world seems so big and I don’t think I ever even thought about life outside of my town. But as you get older you realize that there is a great big world out there waiting for you to explore! 

  So go explore your world because life is an       adventure that is meant for you to experience!!

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  1. I read your About with great interest as I’m on the road to Traverse City. We have a cabin in MI and love it (we’re from Indiana). Anyway I had to read some of your words aloud to my husband because, like you, we grew up playing “down at the park” and your post took us back there — thank you!


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