Mobile Editing

Being a photographer, I am always looking for a way to edit the pictures that I take from my phone.  I have found several apps that I really like using and that I can do almost anything that I want to accomplish with.  

Here are my top favs, what you can do with them and photo examples!

I have an Iphone but all of these apps are also available for Android.

AVIARY……Within this app you have the ability to crop, change the colors, brightness, exposure, add text, blur, add frames, correct red eye and my personal favorite, splash.                                                      

                                    Here is a photo example of what splash looks like…


PICSART…….This app allows you to do a few different things.  You can change perspective, clone and stretch.  You can also add another photo to your existing photo, add clip art, lens flare and text.

I do not use this feature often because I actually forgot about it, but this is what the stretch affect looks like….


**I made my poor baby girl look like a camel**

REPIX…..Is a cool app for adding some special effects.  I use this mostly for adding an added touch to my photos.  It probably does a lot more but this is mainly what I use it for .


**This is a stock photo from my phone that I just added the effects to so you could see what kind of things you can do to add to your photos**

I create the photo in 1 app and then save it and open it up in one of the other apps to add whatever I want to it until I get the look that I was going for. There are also in app purchases that are cheap (usually about .99 cents) if you want to add different affects.

Here is a photo that I made recently for my facebook page….


**I used one of the apps to choose a background and add the picture.  Then I used another app to add the clip art and text.  Simple but it makes your pictures look fancier**

So there are my top 3 apps for editing your photos.  Download them and see what you can create!!! 

Once again, thanks for reading!!!

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