Happy Birthday!! 

There is a lady that I’ve known since before I was born. Most people knew her as Shirley (Shirl) for short, other little people knew her by Nana but I knew her by the name of “Mom”. She was an amazing woman of courage and strength! My brothers and sister knew her a little different than I did but I know that they agree that she was the best!! 
I am the baby of the family (it took my parents 5 tries to finally get it right), my sister is the oldest (21 years older than me), with the 3 boys in between. I know what you are thinking and no, I was not an accident haha
My siblings knew my mother as a woman that would cook for them, keep their house clean, take them for walks, play games with them and so much more. My memories of her are vague when I was very young but some that I do remember are doctors visits, home health visits, watching Johnnie Carson while eating way too much popcorn, sleeping on the floor next to her chair when my dad was midnight shift, helping her to eat and wheelchair rides. See, my mom became sick with Multiple Sclerosis when I was very young so the things that other kids take for granted, I could only dream about having! 
There is something that you need to know about my mother though, she never once in the 21 years that I had her, complained about anything. Not her situation or how it wasn’t fair or that she was dealt a shitty hand of cards. She was always happy!! I don’t ever remember her uttering one unkind word to anyone!! (And let me tell you, I deserved unkind words….I was a handful) 
She took the life that she was given and made the very best of every minute!! 
My mom passed away on September 27, 1992 at the age of 64. I miss her more and more every day. As I get older I wish she was here to see what I’ve become, to be a Nana to my children and to give me advice about life. I would do anything to have her for just one more day. But that’s not how life works and I’m thankful for the time that I did have her. 
Today would be her 88th birthday so I wanted to write a memorial to her to honor her and the person she was!! Happy Birthday in Heaven mom!!! I love and miss you so much!!!

The only picture I can find at the moment. I can’t get to the box of pics!!

As always, thanks for reading my blog and I hope today has a good you!! 

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