All Things Old

I don’t know why but I have always been fascinated with anything old!! 

On a recent trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin I decided that I was going to stop to take a few pictures of some churches that I see every time I pass by there and have never gotten the chance to stop to see.  Some are taken from my Iphone and some are taken with my Nikon 5200 camera.

 I think the quality of the 2 are pretty close!


I hear the chime of this old tower clock as it strikes at the top of every hour.  Which then brings me back to my own childhood when the local church bells chimed on the hour. I can even feel the summer breeze blowing and the warm sun shining on my face!


Beyond this window I picture a classroom full of Sunday School children as they learn about Jesus and how he died for us so we could be forgiven.  I remembered hearing of Jesus for the first time in Sunday School at the Methodist Church.


As I stand in the doorway to this old church that is so full of memories, I see the people entering and the children running in and out giggling.  It brings me back to the days when I too ran in and out, giggling while chasing friends in a game of tag.  

I love the architecture of this old church!!

I intended on taking a few pictures of a couple other churches but the town is under construction and I just couldn’t seem to navigate my way over to them.

Another place that fascinates me is the cemetery.  I’m not morbid and I hate death but I love looking around the cemetery at all of the old stones and buildings.  Every building, every marker, every tree has a story.

I drive through and can’t help but to think of the person that sat on this bench and had an afternoon talk with their loved one that they miss so much!  Or the tree behind it that the mother who lost her son sits against as she thinks of all of the memories that she has had with her child and all of the memories that they will miss together!


Windmill Estates, which will soon be complete and ready for people to purchase for their final resting place.  I think of the child that will enter that door and sadly place flowers on his father’s grave as he sheds a single tear likes he’s done so many times before.


Everything has a story.  Look around you and listen to that story.  You will be surprised at what you learn, what you remember and how it changes the way you look at the world around you!

As always, thanks for reading my blog and I hope today has the very best you!!

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