Being a parent 

Being a parent is rough sometimes!! There is no other job in the world where you can feel so much joy and so much sadness all at the same time! 

We bring these little lives into the world and we are filled with so many emotions. Joy, love, worry, fear and so much more! At times we feel like “I got this” and other times we are thinking “how can I possibly keep this little person alive.”

We muddle our way through doing the best we can and thinking “am I doing this right” and all along secretly hoping for the best. But we keep on going through all of the ups and downs, the failures and the victories, the good and the bad. And then one day, when we least expect it, we realize that we did it! We have gotten them through the child years and into the adult years. Whew, we’ve kept them alive!! It was rough at times but we did it. It will be easier now because they are adults and now they can make adult decisions, because we’ve raised them to do that, right!? Wrong!! 

Now a whole other stage of parenting begins! The stage where you lay awake at night wondering when your adult child (who still lives with you) is coming home, where they are, are they making the right decisions? 
Now is when you are wishing they were little again so you can protect them and maybe have a do over in some areas. But there are no do overs and we can’t go back. So now what do I do? I lay awake at night wondering where they are, when they are coming home, if they are making the right decisions and praying that the God that I have taught them about will keep them safe and guide their paths. I pray He will correct any wrongs that I have made, protect them in their stupidity and keep them alive! 

I wouldn’t change the fact that I became a mommy 23 years ago. It has been by far the best journey that I have been on or ever will be on. But I now know what my parents meant when they said “just wait, you will see.” 

Being a parent is rough sometimes!! 
As always thanks for reading and I hope today has an amazing you!


Kayaking, a topic I could talk about for hours!!!

So, here’s the way it all began.

July 2016 my best friend sends me an email that has a gift attached to it.  My gift? A coupon for kayak rental on the Autrain River.  Are you serious?! I’m finally going to get to try my luck at kayaking!?  Now to some of you this gift would not be so amazing.  To me this was the best one ever.  You see, even though I had been talking about trying this sport out, I knew that this was not at the top of her list of things to do.  But because I wanted to try it, she was going to give it a whirl!

So, every day for the next couple weeks, this is all I thought about.  I kept asking if we could go yet and every time the answer was still “I have to work, I can’t that day, maybe this day”.  I was like a kid on Christmas waiting to be able to open the BIG present!


FINALLY, the day had arrived and it was going to become a reality!  So, we drove the 45 minutes to the place where we would, unknowingly fall in love with the sport of kayaking.  With nervousness and anticipation we were given our gear and helped into the kayak and then shoved into the water!!  Now, I have to tell you, I was scared at this point.  What had I gotten myself into?!  For those of you that don’t know, I lost my nephew/my best friend, when he fell out of a canoe and drowned. And since that time, any small boat was terrifying to me but being the adventurer/rebel that I am, I knew that this was something I just had to try!  So, now I am in the middle of a river, in my yellow boat, my best friend by my side, and I don’t know how to even operate my paddle.  Well here goes nothing, or I guess everything really!!

We managed to figure out how to get ourselves going while trying to steer clear of all of the other kayakers.  Down the river we started, narrowly escaping others and sometimes almost running our kayaks onto shore.  But as we went, we learned to maneuver this piece of plastic and it became quite easy.


The next 3 1/2 hours were spent paddling and sometimes coasting down the 7 mile stretch of river, laughing and realizing that we might be falling in love with our new found sport.  The view was breathtakingly amazing!  I never knew that I could be so at peace with only a thin layer of plastic between me and the water.  It was simply amazing!!

As we got to the place where they would pull us back out of the water, we found ourselves wishing that it wasn’t coming to an end.  We had enjoyed it so much that the talk on the way back home was about how we needed to have our own kayaks and that we might need to buy them.  So, over the next few days this is all we talked about and then, WE WENT AND PURCHASED OUR VERY OWN!!

Since that day, 37 days ago, we have spent so much time on the water and discovered places and sights that we didn’t know existed.  The feeling of peace that you have when you see what God has created from a different perspective is truly indescribable.

This has definitely been the best summer that I have had in a long time and I am so thankful for my best friend’s willingness to put herself aside and give me a gift that has changed my life forever!!

As always, thanks for reading!!

I hope today has an amazing you and that you will get out and do something you have always wanted to do and change someone’s life 🙂

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Summer Adventures

As summer draws to a close and fall begins, I find myself reflecting back on the last few months.

This has been one of the best summers that I have had in quite some time.  I didn’t travel the world or go on a “grand adventure” but I decided to explore the area that I have lived in for 45 years.  Who could have known that there was so much to do and so much beauty right in my own “backyard”?!

So, at the beginning of the summer my best friend and I decided to start exploring! And explore we did!!

We started our adventures with a “Yoopers ride free” boat ride on Lake Superior. During this  free ride on the open waters we got to see the beauty of the land from a different perspective.

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We arrived at the location where we needed to get our ticket for this free 1 hour ride only to find out that we were getting two of the last tickets they had available for the day and that we would have to wait for a few hours to be able to take our turn. We killed some time exploring and eating of course. (haha)

Once our time came, we boarded the boat and decided to stay aboard even after being informed that “the waters were going to be rough today and if we had a weak stomach we might want to get off”. So we set sail and  our tour guide’s voice came over the speaker and said he would be our guide for the next 2 1/2 hours.  What?! We thought it was only an hour.  Oh well, nothing we can do now but sit back and enjoy the views.  And enjoy the views we did!

The ride out was not too choppy but the waves picked up on our way back to the mainland and our ride was a little more interesting! As we rocked back and forth we chatted with our boatmates, laughed hysterically, took a lot of pictures/videos and enjoyed the views.  We made it back safely and we now have some amazing memories to last a lifetime.  This was just one of our many adventures this summer and I will tell you about more adventures in the blog posts to come!

Most people take for granted that fact that they can enjoy a boat ride, hike in the woods, kayak on the waters and just enjoy the outdoors, period.  But not my BFF and I.  You see, she has not been able to be in the outdoors because of respiratory issues for years but this year was different.  She has been using an essential oil called Raven and since discovering this amazing oil she as started to live again and without the respiratory issues holding her back.


I am so thankful for essential oils, a healthy body, God’s great beauty and a best friend to enjoy life with!!

Life’s a journey so buckle up, ride the waves and enjoy the ride!!!


As always, thanks for reading and if you want to know more about these amazing essential oils, feel free to contact me!! Email Me!

I hope today has the best you!!

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