Summer Adventures

As summer draws to a close and fall begins, I find myself reflecting back on the last few months.

This has been one of the best summers that I have had in quite some time.  I didn’t travel the world or go on a “grand adventure” but I decided to explore the area that I have lived in for 45 years.  Who could have known that there was so much to do and so much beauty right in my own “backyard”?!

So, at the beginning of the summer my best friend and I decided to start exploring! And explore we did!!

We started our adventures with a “Yoopers ride free” boat ride on Lake Superior. During this  free ride on the open waters we got to see the beauty of the land from a different perspective.

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We arrived at the location where we needed to get our ticket for this free 1 hour ride only to find out that we were getting two of the last tickets they had available for the day and that we would have to wait for a few hours to be able to take our turn. We killed some time exploring and eating of course. (haha)

Once our time came, we boarded the boat and decided to stay aboard even after being informed that “the waters were going to be rough today and if we had a weak stomach we might want to get off”. So we set sail and  our tour guide’s voice came over the speaker and said he would be our guide for the next 2 1/2 hours.  What?! We thought it was only an hour.  Oh well, nothing we can do now but sit back and enjoy the views.  And enjoy the views we did!

The ride out was not too choppy but the waves picked up on our way back to the mainland and our ride was a little more interesting! As we rocked back and forth we chatted with our boatmates, laughed hysterically, took a lot of pictures/videos and enjoyed the views.  We made it back safely and we now have some amazing memories to last a lifetime.  This was just one of our many adventures this summer and I will tell you about more adventures in the blog posts to come!

Most people take for granted that fact that they can enjoy a boat ride, hike in the woods, kayak on the waters and just enjoy the outdoors, period.  But not my BFF and I.  You see, she has not been able to be in the outdoors because of respiratory issues for years but this year was different.  She has been using an essential oil called Raven and since discovering this amazing oil she as started to live again and without the respiratory issues holding her back.


I am so thankful for essential oils, a healthy body, God’s great beauty and a best friend to enjoy life with!!

Life’s a journey so buckle up, ride the waves and enjoy the ride!!!


As always, thanks for reading and if you want to know more about these amazing essential oils, feel free to contact me!! Email Me!

I hope today has the best you!!

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