Being a parent 

Being a parent is rough sometimes!! There is no other job in the world where you can feel so much joy and so much sadness all at the same time! 

We bring these little lives into the world and we are filled with so many emotions. Joy, love, worry, fear and so much more! At times we feel like “I got this” and other times we are thinking “how can I possibly keep this little person alive.”

We muddle our way through doing the best we can and thinking “am I doing this right” and all along secretly hoping for the best. But we keep on going through all of the ups and downs, the failures and the victories, the good and the bad. And then one day, when we least expect it, we realize that we did it! We have gotten them through the child years and into the adult years. Whew, we’ve kept them alive!! It was rough at times but we did it. It will be easier now because they are adults and now they can make adult decisions, because we’ve raised them to do that, right!? Wrong!! 

Now a whole other stage of parenting begins! The stage where you lay awake at night wondering when your adult child (who still lives with you) is coming home, where they are, are they making the right decisions? 
Now is when you are wishing they were little again so you can protect them and maybe have a do over in some areas. But there are no do overs and we can’t go back. So now what do I do? I lay awake at night wondering where they are, when they are coming home, if they are making the right decisions and praying that the God that I have taught them about will keep them safe and guide their paths. I pray He will correct any wrongs that I have made, protect them in their stupidity and keep them alive! 

I wouldn’t change the fact that I became a mommy 23 years ago. It has been by far the best journey that I have been on or ever will be on. But I now know what my parents meant when they said “just wait, you will see.” 

Being a parent is rough sometimes!! 
As always thanks for reading and I hope today has an amazing you!


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