👶🏼You stare into that little, perfect face that you have given birth to and in that moment there is nothing more important or precious. The bond that you develop in that split second is something that you could never imagine or fathom could happen. Nothing else in this world matters except for this tiny human that you have been given.❤️
👣You watch as this little bundle develops personality, charm, brilliance and love. You can’t remember what life was like before He came into your world. His first word is the best sound ever. His first steps amaze you. His first idea makes you believe he’s a genius. And that first wave from the bus causes your heart to feel like it will explode.💔
🙋🏽‍♂️Throughout the years you watch him grow. Sometimes thinking, I can’t wait for this or will that ever happen? But mostly thinking, where has the time gone….why can’t we just slow down?⏱
👁In the blink of and eye, it seems, you now look at this adult child that was once so small and you wonder. What if I would have done this or what if I could have done that? Have I prepared him for the huge world that he now has to learn to navigate. Are there things I could have done different? Is he going to be okay? How do I let go of something that has my entire heart? What’s next?🌎
🤔Now you quietly sit back and reflect on everything that has gotten you both to this place. You apologize for the things you’ve done wrong and hope that one day he will forgive. You forgive for the wrongs that have been done to you by this not so little anymore human! You sit quietly with your hands folded in prayer, eyes lifted to above and you thank God that you were entrusted to raise this child the best you could. You beg God to protect and guide him in all of his life’s decisions! You pray that God will spare him from heartache, failure, disappointment and harm. You still lay awake at night wondering, worrying, praying! And no matter what you have been through together, your heart still explodes with a love that is unshakeable, unstoppable, unfathomable and unending…..because he’s your son….and you’re his mom!! ❤️💞

As always, thanks for reading and I hope today has a good you!! 

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