Candles vs Diffusers


😷Before you light up that PUMPKIN SPICE 🍁🍂 candle ……beware!!! 🕯🕯

It’s a MUST READ POST especially if you are new to oils !! I know those candles can be tempting. But once I switched to my diffuser I never looked back. Plus, less fires people.🔥🔥 Read on….

So if our sense of smell is directly linked to our limbic system, why is diffusing essential oils better than just burning some great smelling candles?? I mean, since we’re smelling both of them, they could both have the same amazing effects, right? Nope.

Let’s match them up in a in a Diffusing Essential Oils vs Candle Burning FACE-OFF to see if that’s the case…👃

First up, Candles:
•They smell nice, but those scents are made from synthetic chemicals that can simply be labeled as “fragrance”. Many of those “fragrances” (the chemicals) in and of themselves are rated up there with cigarette smoke for allergens.
•Actually reduce the quality of the air.
•Phthalates are often found in scented candles and have been linked to allergic reactions and asthma related problems.
•Phthalates are also known to cause reproductive, immune and central nervous system problems.
•Paraffin (found in many candle bases) is a petroleum byproduct. The American Lung Association warns that when burned, these candles release carcinogenic chemicals into the air.
•Imported candles may have lead or lead cores in the wick, which is then released into the air.
•Toxic chemicals, such as Benzene – a known human carcinogen, are release by some candles.
•The chemicals emitted by some candles, especially heavily scented ones, are similar to the fumes from car exhaust!
•According to reports, almost 98% of the soy produced in the US in genetically modified. GMO soy is not the only problem, many soy candles are a combination of soy and paraffin, so unless clearly labeled as 100% soy, I’d stay clear of them.
Okay, so…I don’t know about you, but that info kinda turned me off from my love of candles. And I LOVED burning candles. Am I doomed to have a stinky, stale smelling house if I don’t want to bring all of those things into my home??? Say it ain’t so!!


So, let’s see how diffusing matches up.

Diffusing YL Essential Oils:💨💦
•Cleans the air of airborne pathogens, reducing bacteria, fungus, mold and odors.
•Supports immune function (aka less likely to get the icks).
•Supports respiratory function.
•Increases oxygen availability in the air (ahhh, breathe in, breathe out).
•Increases the body’s ability to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
•Enhances mood and uplift spirits.
•Many essential oils improve concentration and mental clarity (yes, please).
•Promotes restful sleep (now who couldn’t use more of that?!)

I don’t know about you, but I saw a CLEAR winner in that match-up and there’s no question what I want my family breathing in our home. What did you learn new from this?? Let’s share….


If you don’t yet have essential oils I would love to help you get started!! It will be the best decision you ever make!!




As always, thanks for reading and I hope today has a good you!!


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