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Some of you may know that I am a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils.                                            If you didn’t know…well now you do! 

                           I had such a huge oil win yesterday that I just have to share. 


I woke up at 6 am (which by the way is far to early for me to be awake) and my first thought was “Oh no, I’m getting sick”. My second thought was “grab the oils”. So I got out of bed and grabbed all of my rollers.

Breathe Again on the sides of my nose to help me to be able to breathe through my nose, 






RC on my chest to break up whatever was in my body causing me to wheeze, 

Thieves on the bottom of my feet because it just protects me from EVERYTHING, 

Allergy roller (peppermint, lavender & Lemon) behind my ears to combat the allergies I have………AND








Purification around my eyes to stop the itching!

Now, I know what you are thinking. “That’s a lot of oils to make you feel better!” Well for someone who knows the benefits of the oils and who doesn’t like to take medication (because you really don’t know what’s in that over the counter stuff) it’s the only option! 

So you’re probably wondering what the outcome was!  Well, the oils worked of course, just like they always do. Within about 20 minutes I was breathing clearly, the wheezing had stopped and my eyes were no longer itching or red!! 


I’ll take my oil wins over heading to the pharmacy any day!! 

If you are looking at using oils to make your life better and healthier you can check out my website or email me. I’m not trying to sell you anything! You can keep taking the pharmacy meds if you want to. I’m just giving you a better way if you so choose. 

I hope you have a great day and as always thanks for reading my blog!! 

Small Town Living 


I’m from a little town in the Upper  Peninsula of Michigan with a population of about 8,000 people. I’ve been here most of my life, even living on the same street that I was born on. Growing up it was a great place to live. Daily happenings consisted of running through the neighborhood to find whoever was allowed to come out to play. During the days we could be found playing an intense game of Kick the Can or wiffle ball. I was the only girl in the neighborhood so I was just “one of the guys” and did what they did. Not far from my house was the playgrounds. This was the place that was the main attraction for us kids. There was a park, lots of trees to climb and I can’t forget “the Shack.” The shack had everything we needed available for rent (sign your name and bring it back when you are done) to make it a perfect day! There were softballs, gloves and bats for a fun game of baseball; shuffleboard and ping pong equipment for a friendly competition. I even won a first place ribbon in the ping pong tournament!! Some of my best childhood memories are from that playgrounds!!


This town is where I got married and had my kids and where most of my family lives. Everything I needed and had ever known was here. Everyone knew everyone and even the thought of hiding anything from your parents made you think twice. If we did something we shouldn’t have “somehow” it always got back to your parents! 

Fall colors are beyond amazing!!

Out Main Street
We get a lot of snow here!!
A local attraction of everything “Yooper” (that’s what they call us)

Lots of trees around here!
Old Ish that has stood proudly in town for as long as I can remember. A fun little fact, my grandpa’s hand was the mold for this at one time
Black River Falls in the township of our town

Times have changed quite a bit from those days long ago. The population is still about the same but now when you walk down the street chances are you won’t know the person walking by you. The police are busting drug houses, cars are being stolen and doors need to be locked when you are not home. This makes me sad! To think that the times have changed so much is scary in a way. The days of innocence are a thing of the past. But the memories of all that has taken place in this small town will be mine forever and that is something that not even time can take from me. No matter where I am or what changes life brings my way, this will always be home!!

When you’re little the world seems so big and I don’t think I ever even thought about life outside of my town. But as you get older you realize that there is a great big world out there waiting for you to explore! 

  So go explore your world because life is an       adventure that is meant for you to experience!!


Today is count your blessings Sunday! I have so many things to be thankful for!


These 2 guys are my reason for waking up every day. They have grown into amazing men and I am so proud of the both of them.
Dylan is 18 and just graduated from high school. He loves basketball and hanging out with his girlfriend. Dustin is 21 and he is all about fishing. If there is a fish to be caught he is all in.


This is my husband of 23 years! He is a miner that works very long hours every day to provide the best for our family.


This is my best friend, my partner in crime, my travel around the United States partner. We have been friends for 13 years and have so much fun together!



This is my baby girl. She is an almost 2 year old pure bred pitbull. She is the sweetest dog ever and I love her so much!!


This is my family! I’ve lost my mother and father and oldest brother but my sister and 2 brothers and I are still close and I love them so much!!




This is where I live. Born and raised in Upper Michigan. I am proud to be called a “yooper”.  This place I call home is by far the most beautiful place in the world. Despite the hundreds of inches of snow that we get per year, it is still so beautiful!


And last but not least, this is my J.O.B.  I have been with It Works Global for 1 year now. Starting my own business was scary and it is a lot of work but so rewarding. I love helping people to get healthier, look younger and gain financial freedom.  It was definitely one of the best decisions that I have ever made. We are a family and all about Friendships, Fun and Freedom!!

So these are the things that mean the most to me! Thanks for listening as I shared my blessings with you.

I hope you all take time today to count your blessings!!

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