Candles vs Diffusers


😷Before you light up that PUMPKIN SPICE 🍁🍂 candle ……beware!!! 🕯🕯

It’s a MUST READ POST especially if you are new to oils !! I know those candles can be tempting. But once I switched to my diffuser I never looked back. Plus, less fires people.🔥🔥 Read on….

So if our sense of smell is directly linked to our limbic system, why is diffusing essential oils better than just burning some great smelling candles?? I mean, since we’re smelling both of them, they could both have the same amazing effects, right? Nope.

Let’s match them up in a in a Diffusing Essential Oils vs Candle Burning FACE-OFF to see if that’s the case…👃

First up, Candles:
•They smell nice, but those scents are made from synthetic chemicals that can simply be labeled as “fragrance”. Many of those “fragrances” (the chemicals) in and of themselves are rated up there with cigarette smoke for allergens.
•Actually reduce the quality of the air.
•Phthalates are often found in scented candles and have been linked to allergic reactions and asthma related problems.
•Phthalates are also known to cause reproductive, immune and central nervous system problems.
•Paraffin (found in many candle bases) is a petroleum byproduct. The American Lung Association warns that when burned, these candles release carcinogenic chemicals into the air.
•Imported candles may have lead or lead cores in the wick, which is then released into the air.
•Toxic chemicals, such as Benzene – a known human carcinogen, are release by some candles.
•The chemicals emitted by some candles, especially heavily scented ones, are similar to the fumes from car exhaust!
•According to reports, almost 98% of the soy produced in the US in genetically modified. GMO soy is not the only problem, many soy candles are a combination of soy and paraffin, so unless clearly labeled as 100% soy, I’d stay clear of them.
Okay, so…I don’t know about you, but that info kinda turned me off from my love of candles. And I LOVED burning candles. Am I doomed to have a stinky, stale smelling house if I don’t want to bring all of those things into my home??? Say it ain’t so!!


So, let’s see how diffusing matches up.

Diffusing YL Essential Oils:💨💦
•Cleans the air of airborne pathogens, reducing bacteria, fungus, mold and odors.
•Supports immune function (aka less likely to get the icks).
•Supports respiratory function.
•Increases oxygen availability in the air (ahhh, breathe in, breathe out).
•Increases the body’s ability to transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
•Enhances mood and uplift spirits.
•Many essential oils improve concentration and mental clarity (yes, please).
•Promotes restful sleep (now who couldn’t use more of that?!)

I don’t know about you, but I saw a CLEAR winner in that match-up and there’s no question what I want my family breathing in our home. What did you learn new from this?? Let’s share….


If you don’t yet have essential oils I would love to help you get started!! It will be the best decision you ever make!!




As always, thanks for reading and I hope today has a good you!!


Why this Dream?

🎉I recently became a part of #dreamcoach which is a coaching group to discover your dreams and move them forward!🚀

🤔I wasn’t quite sure what my dream was because there were so many scattered hopes, dreams, thoughts in my mind. What was a dream and what was a wish, that was the question!🙄

💡Within the first week of coaching I discovered what my dream was. I want to bring hope to the hopeless. Many times in my own life I have felt the crushing feeling of hopelessness. I know that my God is the God of hope but when you are down it’s so hard to cling to that hope!💭

❓The next question we were asked was “what is your why?” My why is obviously first and foremost my kids! I want them to see that hard work pays off, that helping people is the right thing to do, that touching people’s lives in any way is changing the world and changing ourselves. I want my life to be a reflection of love, kindness, grace, mercy, generosity and hope!! I am beyond blessed and want to share that with others and bring them hope where they feel there is none!❤️

👉🏼My why is simple….I have passion and compassion for people and I want, no, I NEED to share that with others!💞

As always thanks for reading and I hope today has a good you!

Photograph the Moments

Recently my best friend said “pick me up in Chicago and we will go on an adventure”.  It’ll be fun she said!  Well she sure was right!!  Our adventures were fun, breathtaking, memorable and all around amazing!


Here are some of the hundreds of photos I took along our journey!  I hope you enjoy them 🙂


Our tour guide/host always had a camera in his hand ready to capture the perfect shot!


They said they lived on top of the mountain but we were shocked to see how “on top of the mountain” they lived!


Spent some time by the lake


This beautiful boy stopped grazing and posed for a quick photo for us!


“Let’s get up early and catch the sunrise” they said…..I’m not an early riser and the sunrise was not what we were anticipating but capturing the fog rolling through the mountains was worth the early rise and so surreal…


The fall colors were in almost full bloom and the fog rolling over the water was beautiful


Point the way to the next destination 🙂


As the sun set on our last night there we captured the beauty that surrounded us one more time 🙂


I can’t even imagine living on this ranch where the views are breathtaking every day!


Colors a plenty!!


Our other gracious host and amazing photographer 🙂


Sun kissed sweet tea in October is the best tea!


Seeing the world through her eyes 🙂


There is just something about old barns that I am intrigued by


Standing tall and watching over the mountains!


Our time came to an end in Virginia but we stopped for a couple of days in Nashville, TN and the lights did not disappoint 🙂


I’m pretty sure that he’s familiar with being photographed because he did so many tricks for me as I captured them all


There is nothing better than a partner in crime for traveling and I get to call her my best friend 🙂


True happiness at it’s finest!


Always take the time to stop and smell the roses, to see the sights that God has created around you, to spend time with the people you love, to say yes instead of no, to breathe in the fresh air from a mountain top and to take that adventure that is awaiting you!!!




As always, thanks for reading my blog and I hope today has amazing you!!


Goal Setting

📚I’m reading a book called Finish by Jon Acuff and something really stuck out to me that I wanted to share with you!

👆🏼We set goals for ourselves like I want to lose 10 pounds this month, or I want to write a blog post that is 300 words long 5 days a week, or I want to run a 5K next month!

❓So what happens when we don’t accomplish those goals? When you only lose 7 pounds, or you wrote 2 short blog posts this week, or you ran 1/2 of a mile? You immediately think that you have failed and from here on out you don’t even try to accomplish any of those things!

👉🏼But what if instead we set smaller goals that were more attainable? Don’t you think that if we set smaller goals that we would accomplish them more often? And if we accomplish those goals and set new goals and then we accomplish those goals and we keep repeating that process, then in the end wouldn’t we be crushing way more goals? We would be so much farther ahead by setting smaller goals than if we set big goals that we “failed” at so we just quit!!

👊🏼This just really resonated with me so I wanted to share it with you! Do with it what you wish but get out there and set some small goals! 😃

🎉And as always, thanks for reading my blog! I hope today has an amazing you 😃

Thank you!

I just want to say thank you to everyone for the visits to my blog. I know I’ve been absent for quite awhile but that’s going to change!

I love blogging but sometimes I struggle with what to say, when to say it or how to say what’s on my mind. I overthink everything that I have in my mind that I want to write and in the end I end up not posting anything!

I’m working on letting go and now making things so complicated!

I always think that no one is paying attention anyway and then I log in and find that I have lots of views today and I realize that people are watching!

So starting this week I’m going to commit to writing a blog post at least once a week!

Thanks again for hanging in there even in my absence!

I hope today has an amazing you!!


I created a group on Facebook where we can all get together in one place to share photos and stories about our adventures!!

Head over to Living Adventurous FB Group and show us where your adventures take you 😃

As always, thanks for reading and I hope today has an adventurous you! 🎉

Who wants this?!!

🙋🏽Who wants this cool diffuser⁉️ I love mine!!❤️

🌪It has many different colors to choose from while you're diffusing and it comes with 2 oils (Tangerine & Peppermint) 👇🏼Tell me if you want it👇🏼And drop me your email address👇🏼


👶🏼You stare into that little, perfect face that you have given birth to and in that moment there is nothing more important or precious. The bond that you develop in that split second is something that you could never imagine or fathom could happen. Nothing else in this world matters except for this tiny human that you have been given.❤️
👣You watch as this little bundle develops personality, charm, brilliance and love. You can’t remember what life was like before He came into your world. His first word is the best sound ever. His first steps amaze you. His first idea makes you believe he’s a genius. And that first wave from the bus causes your heart to feel like it will explode.💔
🙋🏽‍♂️Throughout the years you watch him grow. Sometimes thinking, I can’t wait for this or will that ever happen? But mostly thinking, where has the time gone….why can’t we just slow down?⏱
👁In the blink of and eye, it seems, you now look at this adult child that was once so small and you wonder. What if I would have done this or what if I could have done that? Have I prepared him for the huge world that he now has to learn to navigate. Are there things I could have done different? Is he going to be okay? How do I let go of something that has my entire heart? What’s next?🌎
🤔Now you quietly sit back and reflect on everything that has gotten you both to this place. You apologize for the things you’ve done wrong and hope that one day he will forgive. You forgive for the wrongs that have been done to you by this not so little anymore human! You sit quietly with your hands folded in prayer, eyes lifted to above and you thank God that you were entrusted to raise this child the best you could. You beg God to protect and guide him in all of his life’s decisions! You pray that God will spare him from heartache, failure, disappointment and harm. You still lay awake at night wondering, worrying, praying! And no matter what you have been through together, your heart still explodes with a love that is unshakeable, unstoppable, unfathomable and unending…..because he’s your son….and you’re his mom!! ❤️💞

As always, thanks for reading and I hope today has a good you!! 

The Almighty Decision

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.  The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too” – W.H. Murray

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What does it mean to make a decision for real?  To make a decision to really commit to something, someone, anything?


When you make the almighty decision, you really commit to being all in and running towards that final goal.  You are going to keep going no matter what gets thrown in your way, never stopping until you have accomplished what you have set out to do!!  If you have not made the decision to be all in, then when shit gets real and it’s getting thrown at you from every direction, you will quit!

“So often, we pretend we have made a decision, when what we’ve really done is signed up to try until it gets too uncomfortable” – Jen Sincero


Are you going to fail along the road to your awesome life?  Absolutely!!  Winston Churchill said “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” 


If you want something bad enough and you have set your mind that you will obtain it, then you will!!


Today I want you to commit to that one thing that you want to accomplish.  Do you want to lose the weight you’ve been carrying around, get in shape for the first time in a long time, quit that gross habit that you have been doing for years or buy that house you’ve been wanting?  Make the decision today that you are going to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal! I believe in you and I know that you are going to reach your goal as long as you don’t quit when the road gets tough!


“The only failure is quitting. Everything else is just gathering information” – Jen Sincero


**You’re not a quitter…you are gathering information on your road to awesome**






As always, thanks for reading and I hope today has an awesome you!!



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